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Meaning of Flowers
Carnation (General): Fascination, Women Love
White Carnation: Blazzing Love, Naivety, Talent, Sweet, Lovely, Innocent, Pure Love
Purple Carnation: Capricious
Yellow Carnation: You disappoint me, Rejection
Pink Carnation: Preference, I will never forget you
Red Carnation: Love Alive, Admiration
Chrysanthemum (General): You're a wonderful friend, Joy, Rest
Red Chrysanthemum: I Love You
White Chrysanthemum: Truth
Yellow Chrysanthemum: Slight Love
Sunflower: You are Splendid
Iris: Emblem of France, Your friendship means a lot to me, Faith, Hope, Wisdom, Valor
Orquid: Love, Beautiful, Refinement, Beautiful Lady
Orquid (Cattleya): Mature Charm
Peony: Shame, Happy Life, Happy Marriage, Pudor
Yellow Roses: Joy, Liberty, Jealousy
White Roses: Reverence, Secret, Inocence, Purity, Peace, I am worthy of you, Silence
Champagne Roses: Admiration, Sympathy
Coloured Roses in light tones: Friendship, Solidarity
Colored Roses, red predominating: Love, Joy
Pink Roses: Gratitude, Acknowledgment, Perfect Happiness, Please believe me
Orange Roses: Fascination
Red Roses: Passion, Love, Respect, Adoration
Red Roses with Yellow Roses: Happiness
Red Roses with White Roses: Harmony, Unity
Tulip (General): Perfect Lover, Emblem of Holland
Red Tulip: Believe me, Declaration of Love
Blue Violet: Fidelity, Vigilance, I'll always be true
White Violet: Let's take a chance, Modest Hope