Due to the crisis caused by the spread of COVID-19/Coronavirus, we inform that at the moment it is only possible to garantee the delivery of Flowers Bouquet Florists Surprise and you should confirm with our team if it is possible to make deliveries before placing your order.
In Floreseflores we believe in local florists.

A flower bouquet or a wreath made by the local florist, is made according to the local customs and arrives fresher to the client, what gives it a better quality in the act of delivery. Nowadays the sale of flowers through the Internet represents 40% of the business worldwide, not being an exception in Portugal.

Unlike other online florists, Floreseflores wishes to work in partnership with the local florists, ceasing to be a threat for your business. Help us expand our business, by joining our network of local florists, so that we can help you expand your business and together we will lend a better service to our clients, serving them with greatter speed and quality.

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