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What are cookies

Cookies are small text files stored in the user’s computer when he visits certain websites. In some cases, they are eliminated after said visit. In other, they are kept for following vistis. The use of cookies in the access to websites is a usual practice and the several browsers allow each user to refuse it’s use, as well as eliminate the ones who have been created already.

The Flores e Flores website may use cookies to improve Users' navigation on the Flores e Flores website (including the customer area, with restricted access), as well as to better understand the behavior, tastes and interests of Users (in a global). For example, on certain websites the User can select a background or a city and these preferences will be remembered on subsequent visits. It is thus possible to improve the use and visualization of websites, making it simpler and faster, enabling a more interesting and dynamic browsing experience.

You can know how to inhibit the cookies in your browser by following the instruction presented bellow. You can even know with more detail the use made by Flores e Flores of the cookies. Note that important functions of the Flores e Flores website won’t work as long as the cookies are blocked.

Managing cookies in the various browsers

To deactivate the cookies in your browser you can follow these instructions. Mentioning that, de to the high number of browsers and it’s respective versions, these instructions aren’t exaustive. You can still consult the Help pages especific to your browser or a generic page about this topic.

All about cookies:
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Types of cookies

The existing cookies in the Flores e Flores website and online services are a part of the following categories:

Category 1 — cookies essential for the provision of the service
These cookies are essential to allow the Flores e Flores website use and it’s functionalities. Without them, services like the shopping cart or the customer’s area can’t be provided.

Category 2 — cookies of service analysis
These cookies collect information on how the Flores e Flores website and service are used like, for example, what pages are more visited. Thsi information can be used to help Flores e Flores beter heir pages and make them easier to use. These cookies also allow to know if the visits to the Flores e Flores website come from the campaigns that Flores e Flores orders from suppliers or third parties and if those visits resulted in the purchase of a product or service. These cookies don’t collect information that identifies the User, given that all collected information is aggregated in non personal markers and, therefore, anonymous.

Category 3 — customization cookies
These cookies allow that the Flores e Flores website recognises the Users choices while they use the Flores e Flores services like, for example, if by accessing the first page of the website you should see the private customers version or the coorporate client version. They can also be used to know which highlights or special sales have already been presented to the User to avoid repetition. The information that these cookies collect doesn’t allow the identification of the User personally nor doesn’t allow to monitor your website navegation activity unless it’s from the Flores e Flores.

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