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Clauses and conditions
Privacy Policy
Floreseflores respects your privacy and values the trust of its clients. This Privacy Policy about the information acquired through our Website takes us to establish the terms of the privacy policy regarding the use, treatment and disclosure of informations that you may provide through this website.
By accessing to this website and every time you send information through it, Floreseflores, you agree with our terms of the Privacy Policy. Terms of the Privacy Policy.

Reception of Data
Floreseflores just receives identifiable personal data like your name, address, phone number or your email address when you send voluntarily to Floreseflores through this website. This information may be used by Floreseflores as a way of contact for achievement of more informations, for improvement of this website, or to provide you information that may be requested by you, or even, addicional information that Floreseflores believes to be of your interest.
The data will not be transferred to thirds without your previous consent, but can be used inside Floreseflores or by other company acting as agent of Floreseflores for processing and mailing purposes. Floreseflores maintains the received data in an electronic database with personal informations sent voluntarily. Floreseflores and its agents can trade these informations between them or with you through the Internet, through the intranet systems or through the printed materials.

Updating your informations
If, at any moment, wish to interrupt the reception of emails or other comunication with us, or if you have sent identifiable personal data through our website and would like that this information to be deleted from the records, please do notify us.
You can also request access to your personal data maintained by Floreseflores and can also request correction or changes in those data.